Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tarpon platform handle my marginal field platform needs?

Tarpon Platform Systems can review your site specific needs and provide a solution customised around your requirements.

What are the advantages to the Tarpon platform?

The Tarpon platform can handle more deck loads than other minimal platform designs and can be installed in deeper water depths.

Can Tarpon platforms provide EPIC approach to my development needs?

Tarpon platforms can provide EPIC terms for all of your development needs.

To what engineering standards is the Tarpon platform designed?

Tarpon platforms are designed to the latest API RP 2A Edition as well as International Codes and Standards, with site specific soil data and met ocean data used in the detailed design.

How long does it take for a Tarpon platform to be deployed?​

Our management team handles all of the planning, construction, and erection work. Under our “Fast Track” program a platform can go from Engineering through Installation in just 16 weeks.

What is the design life of a Tarpon platform?​

We have a project installed in 2000 in offshore Bintulu which is still standing to this day​.

Are Tarpon platforms approved for marginal field development projects?​

Tarpon platforms have been installed in more than 60 marginal fields worldwide and the design has been approved by various notable oil and gas operators and clients.

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