Our Standards

Tarpon Platform Systems’ minimal field development structure has proven to be commercially attractive due to its low capital investment, early production availability and single focal point coordination.

Minimum Facility Capability

Installation in Water Depth of 20m to 110m

Support 8-well Configuration

Support Topside Weight up to 350 Tons

Process Capacity - 30,000 BPD

Designed to API RP2A to Withstand 100-Year Storm

Commercially Attractive

Low Capital Investment

Early Production Availability

Deployment Opportunity During Drilling Programs

Single Point Coordination – Engineering, Fabrication and Installation

Commercial Differentiation

Repeatable Design

Standardised Auto-Cad Drawings

Flexibility Allows Stocking of Number of Components

Simple Fabrication with Use of Standard Material

Decks, Helidecks and Production Equipment

Low Maintenance Cost

Ease of Abandonment

Tarpon Platform System

Providing cost-effective, innovatory structures for minimal field development

It all begins with an engineered caisson capable of housing multiple wells internally, or externally using a series of conductor clamps. The termination assembly located just below the surface is connected to guy wire cables which are secured to three anchor-piles. The cables are then tensioned to the engineered specifications which provide additional stability to the platforms.

The patented system composes of an underwater anchor-pile and cable guying assembly that supports a site-specific designed well protector caisson, boat landing, deck and related production equipment.

The Tarpon Platform System are ideally utilised for marginal well production in water depths up to 20m to 110m. However, it is possible to design it for greater depths of water and high-volume requirements.

Our System is easy to install with a proven methodology

Support 8-well Configuration

Support Topside Weight up to 350 Tons

Meets or Exceeds API RP2A design requirements to withstand 100-Year Storm

The platform is constructed onshore then transported offshore where it is erected. As an option, the caisson can be installed with the drilling rig to improve efficiencies and allow for well completion during one mobilisation.

Above the surface, the production platform can be configured in a number of different ways. In the photo, we have a helideck and related production equipment. Just above the waterline we have a boat landing with access ladders to the main deck area.

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